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What is Eco-Cars?

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Reduces Emissions


Reduces Fuel Consumption

Eco-Cars is a device that reduces fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse emissions and at the same time increase life expectancy and power of any combustion engine (cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, machinery, boats, generators…)

Eco-Cars does not contain either chemical products nor MAGNETS, avoiding in this way magnetic chaos and/or negative effects due to devices based on magnets.

Eco-Cars consists of a set of minerals when in contact with the fuel used in internal or external combustion engines reacts inhibiting the influence of external magnetic / radio-electric / electromagnetic fields. These fields may affect fluids, liquids and combustible fuel gases.

The reason why we obtain this improvement is simple: getting more electrons ready to mix in a better way with the fuel, usually oxygen, obtaining a better fuel gasification.

Every single fuel, due to its specific structure, is under the influence of a certain amount of electromagnetic charge, generating a specific space distribution within its molecules.

Eradicating this electromagnetic charge we obtain a new molecular disposition in the space, changing the physicochemical characteristics of the fluid. Breaking down the electro-physical links we upgrade the possibility of combustion (with the oxygen) obtaining a better vaporization at the molecular level.  With these changes the performance per fuel unit will be better