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What is Eco-Cars?

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Eco-Cars is a very innovativ product that dramatically reduces fuel consumption and emission in almost any kind of vehicle by treating the fuel with a patented solution of minerals. No chemicals and no magnets are needed.

Eco-Cars has been successfully installed and use in around 15 000 vehicles and the numbers are increasing very fast.

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Environmental Benefits

Technical Benefits

Fuel Savings

Green Vehicle


Savings of 5% to 14%

Savings around 10%


Savings of 5% to 8%


Savings of 5% to 14%


Savings around 10%

Heavy Machinery

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Not Only Green Words

We are truly committed to make environemntal solutions with big financial impacts.

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Installed in 10 00 Vehicles


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After testing Eco-cars in several of our  trucks we found an average fuel consumption reduction of  8%. For this reason we install in all our trucks and even in the trucks fo our exisiting partner network. Please feel free to contact me for references.  

Bartlomiej Glinka


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